Renovation & Construction Services

Renovation & Construction Services



An extra living space can be a great solution for families needing a bit more room. Graham Constructions can create the perfect home where you are, giving you the feeling of being in a whole new house.

An extension can not only significantly increase the value of your home, but is also a cost-effective way to create more space and style. Our qualified residential construction team can provide ground floor and first story extensions for all types of houses across the Hunter Region.

We will work with you to design the ideal living space to cater for you and your family’s needs. Our architects can provide specialised guidance on your designs, or produce a customised design that best suits your needs, taste and budget. The GCC team make it an easy process from concept to completion — we handle everything, including approvals. Plus, our building guarantees will give you the peace of mind in knowing that we will always maintain our reputation for high standards, innovative design, and value for money.

Recently completed bathroom renovation by the team at GCC Homes Newcastle


Enhance your home, add property value, and turn your vision into reality with our renovations services and interior designs.

When choosing to give your home a makeover, we deliver on our customers’ expectations. Together we can transform your house into your dream home. Our team at GCC can see the potential of all house types through years of experience. We like to work with our clients and their designs to create the look that meets expectations, time restraints and budgets.

We specialise in designing and constructing refurbishments for your home and have the skills and knowledge to fully renovate all house types. We understand the importance of cleanliness when working in your home — that’s why we treat your property like we would our own. At GCC, we understand you still need to be able to live comfortably throughout the construction process and will ensure the entire renovation process is as seamless as possible.

If you’re looking for house renovations in Newcastle, GCC Homes is the building company you need. We can perform bathroom, laundry, open living spaces and other home renovations to help you create the home you’ve always wanted.

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Outdoor Enhancements

When it comes to considering an addition to complement your outdoor area, the GCC team considers all elements — including aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability to best suit your space. Whether you require elaborate solutions or a simple design, our team can meet your taste and budget. GCC can either work from your plans and ideas or create something unique that matches your requirements. Our team boasts an eye for detail and a high level of experience. We can deliver an end-product that you will not only get much enjoyment out of but also be proud of.

Our outdoor and yard enhancement services include such projects as:

  • Decking
  • Cladding
  • Gazebos & pergolas
  • Patios
  • Pool cabanas
  • Verandahs & porches
  • Carports
  • Custom made fences

With our extensive knowledge and construction experience, we can create custom-designed outdoor projects that best suit your home. Enquire with us today to turn your ideas into reality.

An example of the fantastic home renovation GCC Services has completed for a Newcastle Client


Renovating the outside appearance of your house is a simple process with plenty of benefits. By replacing the outside exterior of your house, it can change the appearance completely, providing you with a modern finish and quick results. Fortunately, cladding over history has always been on-trend and is easy to replace, providing you with flexibility. Ask yourself, why move to a new house when you can re-create the ideal dream home where you are.

Explore your wide variety of cladding options today by asking our team at GCC, our educated advice and experience can assist in every step of the way. Our team at GCC provide you with cladding options that are suitable in your location due to factors such as climate and fire ratings.

Our building guarantees will give you the peace of mind in knowing that we will always maintain our reputation for high standards, innovative design, and value for money.

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